What People Say

“I’ve worked with a number of energy workers over the past decades — it is a wide and diverse field, and there is obviously much to experience from various practitioners.  While each one is unique, in my experience Erica’s personal technique has a distinctly grounded and potently “tangible” quality to it. I have found her work to be incredibly effective, often in unexpected ways. The combination of her sharp intellect and dedication to evolving her practice also inform the application of her natural gifts.”
— Megan, San Francisco, CA

“Erica is an exceptionally gifted healer, who can offer very heartfelt, soulful transformational sessions. Her  work has taken me to a very deep place within myself, time and time again. She is very intelligent and possesses a breadth of knowledge, giving me many fresh insights to my process. She is also a very kind and generous person, who is dedicated to seeing the best in you.”
— S.K., Licensed Psychotherapist, SF Bay Area, CA

“I started to work with Erica Linson over a year ago on the recommendation of a friend and couldn’t be more grateful for this suggestion. Erica is a wonderful and generous teacher. Over a 9 month period we covered a wide range of material, techniques and tools and received much guidance. She knows how to create a safe environment, allowing each of us to dive into the exercises. Her invitation to share our experiences afterward was very much part of the learning and it led to creating a strong bond between the students. Erica is also an incredible intuitive healer. She helped me regain my ground after some difficult transitions where other approaches had failed; I am very grateful to her and recommend her to any one interested in discovering and embracing their intuitive self.”
— Nadine, San Francisco, CA

“Erica’s devotion and calling to intuitive energy work is immediately apparent. Her caring and intelligence are complimented by a smiling and genuine spirit of sharing and warmth which made each class valuable and enriching to my heart, body, mind and soul. I highly recommend taking part in any of her energy work or class offerings.”
— Ken Meyer, Clinical Psychologist, San Francisco, CA

“I had the great good fortune to receive a consultation with Erica Linson shortly after my husband died unexpectedly, and I was trying to climb my way out of a very deep and oppressive hole.  I don’t know how she did it, but I immediately felt more stable and far less fearful — it was as if my soul had returned. I’ll always be grateful.”
— Anon, SF Bay Area, CA

“At the end of our lives, given the chance, we will look back on the exceptional experiences that have most touched us. We will call into remembrance certain extraordinary people who guided us on the path toward becoming ourselves in the fullest sense. The energy sessions with Erica Linson have become such watershed moments.  She offers keen insights into releasing energy that is not our own, grounding into the center of our being, relieving overwhelm, and calling ourselves back home to ourselves. Techniques shared help us become fully present by letting go of what needs to pass.  If you are ready to strengthen skills that will lead evermore toward a healing path, if you yearn to discover new ways to open yourself to deep transformation, if you want to drop into a more spacious place in your soul … these energy sessions are for you!”
— Andrés Thomas Conteris, Oakland, CA
Founder of Democracy Now! en Español & Executive Aide to Alice Walker

“Whatever you do is badass. I feel both great and vulnerable. All I know is our last session changed stuff. It made self-deprivation very far away; unreachable perhaps. Thank you!”
— Anon, Ketchum, ID

“Erica is empathetic by nature, and this translates into her work as she probes for the deeper issues behind symptoms by combining her empathy with an inquisitive and analytical approach. Her presence is comforting, and it’s easy to relax as she works. The results vary from subtle to pronounced—especially, for me, when it comes to sleep. She has changed my sleeping behavior in two ways: 1) After our latest session, I now sleep better than I have in years, and 2) she interacts with what she calls the dream world, which has yielded startlingly physical and emotional results. From healing bones and bronchial problems to more elusive issues with PTSD, Erica never falters and approaches each session with patience and grace.”
Lise, San Francisco, CA

“Erica has a way of seeing what lies underneath. I went for help with pain (which I got!) and I left with a sense of spaciousness and ease, and a new way to frame my perceptions.”
—Bonnie, Mill Valley, CA

“Erica is a natural master at putting you at ease! She possesses a calming and peaceful presence. She has the ability to make you feel as though you are the only one in the room and that you have her undivided attention. She is lovely, skillful and very competent in guiding meditation. She creates a safe space, environment and mood. She simultaneously conveys skills and provides tools in a gentle and experienced manner. Because of her experience, caring and commitment to spiritual health, she made me feel validated. Thanks to her, I have a finer understanding of my own energy, my potential, my capabilities and a better sense of my own emotional journey. I have definitely felt MORE empowered since meeting her and I can’t wait to learn more from her.”
— Chris, San Rafael, CA

“My experience during and in the days since the Energetic Self-Care workshop with Erica Linson and Eloise Christensen has been very transformative. During each of the techniques we learned I felt myself dropping into a different part of my interior that I had previously not been connected to and was even unaware that I had the ability to access. Through the course of the two-day workshop I was able to clear away paths to unfamiliar parts of my psyche and develop a new relationship with myself. I now feel that I have the appropriate tools needed to come to terms with blocked emotions and the ability to begin to reprogram my patterns. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to understand themselves better, feel more calm and connected, and develop the sensitivities and sensibility to move through life situations with more ease and clarity.”
— Jordan Noel Hawkes, Ketchum, ID

“Erica Linson and Eloise Christensen’s Healing Meditation class was at once intimate and dynamic. Eloise and Erica held an incredibly safe space for us to learn these techniques and share our (the students) thoughts and feelings about what we as beginners experienced. We received tools and meditations that were very accessible and not so far out there that I could not apply them to my very hectic daily life. They are both very bright lights and very different woman. It was wonderful.
— Joannie Kwit, Pt. Reyes Station, CA

“Thank you, Eloise and Erica, for teaching that feels like sharing.  These techniques have come at just the right time in my musical career, offering ways for me to help connect my audience within the unseen field, and to stay grounded through high-pressure recording sessions.  As an artist with a mission to create positive shifting, being responsible with my energy is providing a new level of expression in this realm.”
— Tyia Wilson, Ketchum, ID

“What I have gleaned from Erica’s classes are practical tools to discern, harness and invoke the power of energy. The methods and meditations taught have helped me with obsessive thoughts, grounding myself, honesty and energy boundaries. These tools are priceless in navigating through the “invisible” world of energy.”
— Renee, Mill Valley, CA

“Before meeting with Erica, I had gone through years of training in energy healing, learning self-awareness and how energies are structured,  what internally moves us and the invisible energies and behind it.  When I experienced and studied those energies and their functions, my subtle agendas and motivations became clear whether I liked the truth or not. It’s the best thing I have ever done for myself ; creating a depth of self-knowledge.
I chose another career path, yet remain steadfast in knowing the essential importance of skilled energy healing.
When working with Erica, her skills have consistently guided me back to myself, to my own awareness and an open heart that I can walk with in the world, and work with in a real and honest way. What matches her skills is her abundant heart and caring while working with me.  On more than one occasion, when I could not see a situation clearly, Erica’s guidance not only led me to deeper awareness of layers beneath the story, she also led me to myself.  There, I can best access my own calm and power to live fully, and make choices that suit my own evolution.”
— Lissa Treger, Chicago, IL

“I can’t thank Erica enough for having introduced me to the concept of energy in our bodies. Her classes really got me thinking about energy and healing in a really different way. She is the greatest!!”
— Sheila, San Francisco, CA

“Erica offers a great deal of knowledge and experience in her trainings. Her warmth and allowance as a teacher facilitate students to reach into the invisible world and develop new ways of being.”
— Cary, Marin County, CA

“Erica creates such a wonderful warm and welcoming space in her classes.  She has a gift for sharing what she has learned over the years about energy work.  I always felt wonderful after the classes, and I learned a lot!”
— Laura, San Anselmo, CA

“I took intuitive meditation classes with Erica and the tools that I learned in that class are foundational to my personal practice. She is intuitive, mindful, sensitive and intelligent. I highly recommend both her sessions and her classes!”
— Lorna, Taos, NM

“Erica is the real deal! She was deeply engaged in such a respectful way throughout our phone session. I felt secure and safe as she tuned into my energy. She was right on as she spoke of feeling that I needed to be more rooted into the core of the earth in order to create traction so my life could move forward in the ways I wanted. The very next day, movement began to happen in my life! I couldn’t believe it as I saw marked shifts in my love life, my living situation, and my ability to open up and share my creative gifts. Erica also provided me with visualization tools that I can use to work on and focus my energetic presence in the world. It is abundantly clear that she loves this work, she is capable, and works with love as her primary focus to heal at a foundational level. She is an amazing healer!”
— Kari Kapadia Risher, Sacramento, CA