Here is a nascent collection of things I enjoy, care about, and want to share.

On the Spiritual Side

Planet Healing Meditations
A conference call gathering for those who would like to join in a group to work collaboratively on large social and environmental issues. Please contact me with your interest, as times shift periodically.

Helping Heal the Earth
Paul Goodberg is the spiritual director of HHTE, an organization that offers healing to the planet, her people and creatures. Paul’s approach is to teach and transmit mystical awareness and awaken humans to our natural intelligence that is beyond the intellectual. A profound course in activist mysticism is available on the website for free. There is also a Healing Gifts section on the website that offers many healings offered via the recordings.

Daily Practices, emailed
Veronica Rae Cowen shares wonderful practices consisting of simple visualizations and reminders about grounding, gratitude, healing, etc., that she emails daily. You can check them out at