Healing Sessions

What are healings? Healings promote physical, emotional, and spiritual health by working at an energetic level to help you clear and center, break limiting patterns of behavior and thought, recover from trauma, and ease physical and emotional pain. They help you orient to what is truly valuable and nourishing.

Our culture lacks good, descriptive language around energy medicine, so referring to it often tends to sound new-agey. However: We humans have aspects to us that are other than physical — for instance, our creativity, imagination, emotions, thoughts, spirit, soul — and by addressing trauma, defenses, habits, decisions and pain on these other levels, we can make substantial changes in how we experience life and relate to ourselves and others. Healings open up possibilities, and can help the recipient create healthy boundaries, resolve conflict, move through past difficulties, and explore one’s potential to be happy, healthy and creative.

Sessions are customized to meet your needs. A typical session consists of a combination of dialogue, reading, and healing work that lasts for 30-90 minutes, an hour being standard.

Dialogue helps define the issue and its context. Reading energy intuitively allows information to surface about  factors contributing to the issue. Healing moves energy to create positive change. I tend more toward healing than reading or discussion during sessions, and am often silent for significant stretches while working.

I have addressed a variety of issues, such as fear, grief, trauma, insomnia, physical & emotional pain, addictions, health and autoimmune issues, and a desire for a more fulfilled and creative life. Specific issues I have worked successfully with are atrial fibrillation, nightmares, chronic headache relief and migraine prevention, back pain, post-surgical healing and suicidal ideation, among others.

Benefits Often Include:

  • an increased sense of mental clarity, physical relaxation, and overall well-being
  • a sense of increased centeredness, clarity and traction around the issue addressed
  • stress relief/management
  • reduction in physical and/or emotional pain
  • increased rate of physical healing
  • clearing obsessive/limited thinking, more freedom of thought and experience
  • emergence of new possibilities and creative solutions; the experience of previously closed doors opening

I work in person, by telephone or skype. All three modes are highly effective.

Most sessions are an hour; the initial session is 75 minutes

Series Packages
$425: package of 5 sessions

Number of Sessions
As in any type of healing modality, differing amounts of change can happen in a single session. There are times that only one session will meet your needs. With deeper issues, the initial session starts a process of relationship building as well as healing. Subsequent sessions allow for working more profoundly as trust and familiarity grow. For this reason, I offer packaged sessions at a reduced rate. A first session may be applied to a package discount if purchased within a month of the initial session.

I can accommodate a sliding scale if your situation necessitates it; please inquire.


Intuitive work is an art, not a science. My healing and reading sessions, as well as classes, are intended to offer a unique perspective on and engagement with your circumstances and should not be used in lieu of appropriate professional counsel/treatment — legal, business, medical, etc. While I offer a point of view, I cannot guarantee the accuracy or appropriateness of information contained in sessions or be held liable for any decisions, changes or actions resulting from our interaction. I do encourage you to listen for your own deepest wisdom and find the most appropriate sources of support and information to help you on your path.